University of Kansas, Lawrence, June 17-28, 2019

Problem Garden


Thursday, June 20

8:55 Grace McCourt Strengthening of Ryser's conjecture
9:25 Bradley Elliot Graphs with subgraphs of large girth and chromatic numbers
9:55 Kevin Long Extending interlacing polynomials to Eulerian graphs
10:35 Felix Clemen Maker-Breaker k-AP game
11:05 Jane Breen Data Loss in Two-Mode Networks

Wednesday, June 19

8:55 Li Ying Heisenberg coefficients
9:25 Josiah Reiswig Problems related to two-coloring permutations
9:55 Carrie Frizzell G-Parking Functions, Spanning Trees, and the Tutte Polynomial
10:35 Adam Volk P-matchings in graphs
11:05 Alex Neal Riasanovsky Permutation dense patterns
11:35 Bennet Goeckner The order polytope of Young's lattice

Tuesday, June 18

9:00 Julianne Vega Graded posets and Whitney duals
9:30 Guangyi Yue Partitions of the unit interval
10:00 Casey Pinckney Computing Tutte polynomials of hyperplane arrangements
10:35 Fuhong Ma On the number of disjoint cycles of specific lengths in tournaments
11:10 Donglei Yang Antimagic Orientations of Graphs
12:50 McCabe Olsen Lattice polytopes arising from Schur polynomials
1:20 Sam Spiro Infinite Odd Cycle Saturation Games

Monday, June 17

9:00 Katherine Perry Equitable edge-colored G-designs and partial G-designs
9:30 Emma Christensen Interval parking functions
10:00 Tomas Masarik Flexibility of Planar Graphs
10:40 Sean English The Game of Plates and Olives
11:10 Xiaohong Zhang Hadamard diagonalizable graphs
11:40 Cassie Christenson Special cases of the Frankl-Furedi conjecture
1:20 Federico Castillo Polytopes from parallel faces of polygons
1:50 Calum MacRury Discrepancy in Random Hypergraphs

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